Fartlek to start a big week

So it's the beginning of a new week and one which is no doubt going to be one of the biggest and most memorable of my life, for on Friday i'm getting married. Probably less than 5 hours after I finish my easy 'pre-wedding' run! Usually I can go through training sessions with a fair... Continue Reading →

Long run and week 1 roundup

That's week one of the new season finished then in the usual manner, the long run. I had a number of things on today so did those first then got out the door at around 5:30pm. Earlier in the week I talked about how nice it was to head out on a run with a... Continue Reading →

Silence the inner voice

"I really want to use these sessions to try and dial in the ability to feel my pace." During this base building phase Saturday's will become the tempo run day. This is a chance to run a fair bit harder for longer than I would be doing for the rest of the week. I know... Continue Reading →

The power of reversing routes

"It’s surprising how you pick up on different elements of the same roads when reversing routes." A second Fartlek of the week this morning, with this one being all about the incorporating shorter and sharper repetitions. That is following the session on Monday morning where there was more of a focus longer periods of running.... Continue Reading →

Always feel faster in the mornings

"We're at that part of the year now where I am fully justified in using a head torch" There's something about running first thing which makes you think that you're moving much quicker that you actually are. Even the usual first mile which I definitely know is always intentionally slow felt quicker than usual. There... Continue Reading →


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