Obnoxious recovery

With the week off work preparing for the big day on Friday, I’m getting a rare opportunity to do my running in the warmth of midday.

You can see the run here.

Today’s session was a short course Fartlek, simply meaning the ‘on’ parts were shorter than a similar session on Monday. This means I was able to fit in more surges of faster end running.

As always I took the rest parts at an easy pace, and looking back at Strava I’d call it almost obnoxiously easy! I stand by what I say for these sessions, and it’s all about just playing with the pace, and that includes recovery. Some days I may do the same session but that recovery will be quicker.

With tomorrow being the day before the wedding, there’s a heap load to and will be unlikely to get out for a run, and the idea of another medium long run seems way off.

Overall I’m feeling good after today. Again, as I’m off work currently, I was able to really hone in and enjoy a good stretching session afterwards which included some foam rolling. Oh, and I got my clothing choice right today as well, and went sans jacket. Good times.

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