Long run and week 1 roundup

That’s week one of the new season finished then in the usual manner, the long run. I had a number of things on today so did those first then got out the door at around 5:30pm. Earlier in the week I talked about how nice it was to head out on a run with a head torch, only to turn it off half way through and run in the early morning light. Tonight was the opposite with light fading as I was on country roads and still a couple of miles from home. This time with no head torch! Oh dear.

If you like, you can take a look at today’s long run on Strava.

I’ve got pretty comfortable on country roads now and can handle cars ahead and from behind pretty well and am confident at gauging distance between me and the cars, as well as confident with running towards moving vehicles, including tractors! However, this confidence is born from usually wearing my head torch which is pretty illuminating and without it tonight I felt a little vulnerable for the first time in what seems like forever.

Luckily this only lasted a couple of miles on the darker roads, and it was dusk apposed to dark, but definitely a lesson as we go further into the Autumn and Winter nights – take a head torch if i’m going to be out after sunset! The bats flying close by were a nice addition to the run though!

As for the run itself I wanted to go an explore a nearby village which we always see a sign for by have never been to. It turns out it seems to be the perfect village for running, and know that the local running club, Clevedon, have a 10k race which incorporates it.  It’s essentially a big circle around the whole place, which a ‘middle lane’ to cut through. This means that you could just circle it, or do a figure of eight around the village and come out with some pretty decent mileage. I didn’t know that setup prior to tonight so ended up a little lost…

I ended up doing two laps of the village before finding the road I initially intended to take. Once I was out, I had to work out how to cut my route down in order to get home before it got too dark and ensure I was running to too long or too far.

I seemed to be feeling yesterday’s tempo run session. I felt it early on, then felt good for about an hour, then again for the last half hour. I suppose if you had asked me before when i’m likely to feel it, I would have said at those times so it’s not a big surprise or worry. I did also have some stomach pain about half way through but through some mind games and focussing on breathing i managed to get past that.  I’ve noted down what I was eating in the lead up to the run and when, and will monitor that going forward.

For a first week, i’m feeling pretty good. Legs feeling good and each session was leading nicely onto the next. Here’s to next week!

Weekly stats roundup

Miles – 50.1
Time – 7hr 3m

Sunday – Long – Blog Strava
Monday – Fartlek – Blog Strava
Tuesday – Medium Long – Blog Strava
Wednesday – Fartlek – Blog Strava
Thursday – Blog
Friday – Easy – Blog Strava
Saturday – Tempo – Blog – Strava


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