My 2 reasons for a Friday easy run

Positioning an easy day on the Friday serves two purposes for me. First off it gets the body moving and shakes out the previous 4 days of training. Secondly it warms through the body ready for a tough couple of weekend days.

On my specified easy days the distance and pace are both a lot lower. Today’s totals were 4 miles and avg. pace of over 10min/mi. As you can see, it’s nice and super casual, merely waking myself up with motion rather than going for any distance or time.

On my easy runs I also include some strides. The run includes heading to the football pitches, running around the big field then doing one stride down the length of the field and repeat as many times as I like, today happened to be 7. These strides are just a little touch of top end speed, just activating those fast twitch fibres and increasing the heart a little more.

I think easy running is a skill which needs to be learnt. There’s plenty of people out there who say they’ve done their easy runs, but looking at their pace, it’s still less than a minute slower than a recent race. Each to their own though!

Taking the running into a playing field had another unexpected benefit – I made friends with a dog!

Bring on the weekend.

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