Monday morning Fartlek

My views on the Fartlek is pretty simple. Just go and run, and add in some pickups of varying speed and distance. Somewhere along the way though this has been transferred into essentially an interval session on the road, with many people suggesting things like 1min hard, 1 min easy x 10 – to me this isn’t a true Fartlek.

“It’s just a great session for the body and mind and almost feels like a day off.”

This morning i knew the route that i wanted to take and that the run would include a 5min warm up and 5min cool down. Other than that, the only other pre-conceived idea I had for the run was that the pickups would be of the longer variety as i know i’ll do another fartlek this week which will be shorter bursts.

I went out and just said – i’ll run to that road, tree, or until 3 more cars pass me (always dangerous when running at 6am on country roads – that could easily be a 5 mile pickup!).

The last reason for the way i like doing it with no set agenda is how mentally refreshing it is not being tied to any pre-thinking of time or distance. It’s just a great session for the body and mind and almost feels like a day off. It’s definitely a great session to have on a Monday morning to kick off the week.

Anyway, that’s my little initial rant on Fartleks.

Things I noticed today


I could feel this morning that i’m a little achey after yesterday’s long run – as to be expected really – especially with the added miles of chasing people round the course and running another couple of miles to meet someone to take me home! Achey, but nothing a bit of stretching won’t sort out.


I need to get better at relaxing on the faster pickups. I noticed a few times that I had just tensed up a bit, and need to just loosen off the upper body and open the stride. I am becoming better at noticing this and will continue to work on it when i can.

Body aware

When i finished, my lower right leg was a little buzzy – almost like pins and needles. Not sure if this is the beginning of a muscle / ankle / knee becoming uncomforable or just a lace that is too tight. I think it’s the latter but will monitor throughout the day.

Overall – nice to be back out early morning on a Monday again. Has felt like an age.

And i haven’t even got to speak about my headlamp…

4 thoughts on “Monday morning Fartlek

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  1. Haha, I have just introduced “Fartlek Fridays” into my training schedule. It always gets a laugh. And you’re right, it is fun and random. Relaxing is important – I also get tense across my shoulders, so will periodically drop my arms to my side and run like a rag doll. It is all individual, but please don’t burn yourself out! Don’t forget the importance of recovery runs and rest days! Look to the long game…


    1. Thanks Derek – yes i’m on the easy days, at particularly at this point of the training pretty much all the sessions run pretty easy anyway.

      Have just followed a couple of your blogs as well. Great to hear other runners talking about their day to day sessions!

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