Day zero – the day before the new training block


A Stream of Sweat and Conciousness is my attempt at getting my thoughts and feelings during my training block down in some sort of way.

This is something which I’ve always heard is a good idea but have never really taken it up. However, in the last couple of weeks, I’ve heard it again a number of times on videos or podcasts which I listen to. Firstly Seth Godin regarding his blog every day, and his advice for everyone to write every day. Secondly, from the ‘On Coaching’ podcast which i’m a big fan of, and if you enjoy running then you will be too if you’re not already.

“The idea is that these posts will come everyday and will comment on that day’s training”

At the same time this has coupled up with my long standing thought of i’d like to do something regular where I share my thoughts on my training, which is more than a one line comment on Strava. I’m a big fan of those people who take the time to make YouTube videos or Podcasts documenting their running, but being honest, I just don’t have the time and definitely wouldn’t be any good in front of a camera for any length of time.

As the name of my blog suggests, this will just be a stream of consciousness where I write down what i’m thinking while a stopwatch goes on, and i’ll write for just 5-10 minutes.

There’ll be very little editing in the content, except for every time I need to use spell check to spell ‘Consciousness’ correctly. (I’ve just spelt it wrong again, but have used auto correct – it’s always the first ‘s’ which throws me!)

The idea is that these posts will come everyday and will comment on that day’s training, and try document any of those other thoughts about training or otherwise which I think of whilst running. For that reason, there’ll be no doubt times where my trail of thought jumps around throughout each post. My next training block starts tomorrow – Sunday 23rd September – and will run for 24 weeks leading up to a 10k race.

“It was nice to get out there today on a coastal course…and stretch the legs for a little bit with no need to run fast at all.”

The image from today’s post is from the last Parkrun i’ll do with any speed prior to when I use them as tune up races prior to the race.  It was nice to get out there today on a coastal course – Burnham and Highbridge – and stretch the legs for a little bit with no need to run fast at all.  Although a lot of training will be like that, today was just one last hurrah before I really get serious.

First run of the new block is a standard long run and I’ll spend a couple of hours running down to the Bristol Half Marathon as there’s a quite a few people I know running it. I love watching runners finishing races and not ashamed to say it can be quite emotional, especially the longer you stay there.

Well, those 10 minutes went by pretty quickly! Amazing how the time goes as i’m typing. That’s the first stream of consciousness done (I spelt it right!). Join me each day until Spring for my daily thoughts, but will leave you with this question:

What do you most look forward to when looking over the edge of the cliff of a new challenge?

I don’t know my exact answer, but I know i’m excited.

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